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How My Fused Glass Art is Made

Many diffent glass components and tools


My fused glass artwork, wall art panels and small blocks are made from a number of different pieces of Bullseye glass.  

I have two categories of designs in my fused glass artwork.  One is Mid-Century Modern design and the other is what I call "Glasscapes."  These are abstract landscapes/cityscapes.  I create both of these types of designs by painting with Rogue enamel paints on either clear or white glass sheets of glass.  The enamels are designed specially for fusing in a kiln.  

For the Mid-Century Modern art designs, I begin with white Bullseye glass that I cut to the size and shape I want to create. I draw my design on the glass with a marker.  This will fire off in the kiln. I decide on a what color enamels I want use and fill in the design.  Once I have the design painted and the enamels are dry, I use a fluid writing pen with black enamel paint to outline the painted designs and add additional marks to the glass. Into the kiln for the first time firing to 1290 degrees.  This process takes 12 hours until the glass is cooled enough to remove.  I then add additional painted pieces of complimentary glass design to the surface to add texture, definition and interest.  Then back in the kiln for a final firing to 1290 degrees.

For the "Glasscapes" designs I start with clear Bullseye glass, cut to size.  I decide on a color palette for these pieces and just begin painting.  I paint several layers of enamels to build up the background design for the abstract designs.  Once I am satisfied with the background, I fire the glass overnight in the kiln to fuse the enamels to the glass.  Next comes the fun part, designing the surface.  I use strips of colored glass, usually transparent, set on edge on the surface of the background design. I then cut and design the "glasscape" using pieces of painted glass. I add gold highlights are  to various parts of the glass design and then back in the kiln for an overnight firing. 

Painting Mid-Century Modern Artwork with Rogue enamels
Painting Mid-Century Modern Artwork with Rogue enamels
Glass firing in kiln to 1290 degrees
Painting Glasscapes background  with Rogue enamels

The majority of my fused glass artwork is mounted onto wood panels. I paint the tops of the panels and whitewash their sides before mounting the artwork. While creating my textured fused glass paintings, I also create small complimentary designed glass pieces that I adhere to the side of my panels.  I call these "tattoos" and are a signature style for all my arwork.

Finally, each piece of artwork must be photographed, entered into inventory, posted on the website, and some delivered to the stores and galleries representing me and my work.  And when a collector buys art off my website, I carefully package up the glass artwork and mail it.  Phew, lots of work goes into the "art business," but I love it!!

Side "Tattoo" for Mid-Century Modern artwork
Side "Tattoo" for Glasscapes artwork
Photographing finished artwork
Packaging artwork sold on my website
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