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"Into Your Heart" is an enamel painted, fused glass design of color and subtle texture.  A multicolored abstract enamel painting is centered and fused over a complementary three-piece glass design of blue, black and cream.  Added 3D glass textures and incorporated mark making really make this piece pop! The glass design is 7"x9" and is raise mounted on a  8"x10"x2" wood panel painted in glossy white.  Added black and gold circle design painted on the top and sides of the panel bring the artwork together as a cohesive design. The white panel and raised mounting enhances the colors of the design and the panel is wired for hanging.  This is a really unique conversation piece!


With the purchase of "Into Your Heart," a $25 donation will be make to one of the five charities that I support with my artwork sales.  You choose the charity!  Together we can make the world a more beautiful place! A Win/Win!!

Into Your Heart

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