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This block is created by painting with enamels on glass then fired in my kiln.  Colorful yellow, orange and red with black and gold highlights really make this piece unique!!  The raised round dichroic glass piece adds texture to the surface. This abstract design is true to my signature style - bright colors, fun designs and lots of texture.   I added a painted glass design (tattoo) on the whitewashed side of the block which mimics the front and adds interest. 


The block is 4"x4"x2" with whitewashed sides.


Sit this piece on a desk, stack with others on a shelf or mantle, or hang several on the wall for a unique display.


$10 from this purchase will be donated to one of my charities, in your name. Select which charity you would like to support and together we can make the world a more beautiful place!

Party Time

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