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Most Recent Artwork

Transformation on wall_edited.jpg
Radiant Reflections on Wall_edited.jpg
Southern Retreat on Wall.jpg

Customer Reviews

"If you want to give a uniquely special gift this year, and receive the biggest smile ever, give this art that speaks to the heart! 

p.s. a portion from each piece sold goes to a charitable from the heart!"

"It is almost impossible to look at Anne’s artwork without wanting to manually explore their depth and texture! Each is a totally immersive abstract composition. "

"I recently purchased my 3rd piece from Anne's Abstract Fused Textured Glass series featuring red, black, white, and clear three dimensional glass designs. I chose to display them with dedicated special lighting to highlight the bold sparkling colors and the incredible depth of the creative glass sculptures, all three pieces perfectly complimenting each other!  I am hypnotically hooked! are an amazingly talented artist!"

"Anne’s beautiful collage cubes in my newly renovated powder room.  These unique pieces are the perfect pop of color.  I also love having a personal connection with the art.  Makes me smile every time I look at them.” 

"These are like jewelry for your shelf, table or wall! I love my collection; they make me happy and I move them around so that they are delightful surprises!"

"This piece of art took my breath away when I opened it."

Charity Donations

                ALL artwork sales result in a donation to charity

                       Donations from Sales                YTD 2023
                            2019 - $325                    Food Bank - $560
                            2020 - $1020                  Animeals - $210
                            2021 - $1695                  Thrivewell - $180
                            2022 - $2570                  Charming Pet Rescue - $ 580
                            2023 -  $5355                 Misc - $1163


Instagram Feed

I regularly post stories & reels on Instagram showing what I'm working on, ideas I have, and new art glass.
Here's the latest - do please follow me here @anneburttart

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