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"Urban Harmony" is a stunning new twist on my popular abstract landscape/cityscape series. This piece features a textured fused glass background design, painted in vibrant purple and turquoise enamels, with fused glass components added to the surface for a multidimensional effect. The design extends beyond the central glass panel onto a luxurious gold-painted wood panel, with sleek black painted sides for a modern, polished look. This stunning artwork is the perfect addition to any modern home or office, adding a touch of urban elegance and harmony to your space. Bring a piece of the city skyline into your home with "Urban Harmony."


"Urban Harmony" is 18"x18"x2" and ready to hang. The side of the panel includes my signature fused glass "tattoo," mimicking the design on the front.


$80 from this purchase will be donated to one of my charities, in your name. Select which charity you would like to support and together we can make the world a more beautiful place!

Urban Harmony

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