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Introducing "Guilty Pleasure," a stunning piece of fused glass art that will add a pop of color and texture to any space! Thick layers of colorful fused glass, backed by gold leaf, create incredible depth and visual interest. This contemporary artwork incorporates unique glass shapes and colors, making it just as intriguing from the side as it is from the front. The fused glass panel is expertly mounted to a lipstick pink wood panel, covered in a shiny resin coat for a sleek and polished finish. "Guilty Pleasure" is the perfect statement piece for anyone looking to add a touch of modern art to their home or office.


The wood panel is housed in a 26"x6"x3" handmade floating frame that is finished with antique gold wax to enhance it's vivid colors and is wired for hanging. It is the perfect size for a smaller wall space that just needs that "special something."


$90 from this purchase will be donated to one of my charities, in your name.  Select which charity you would like to support. See below for the charities you can choose from and together we can make the world a more beautiful place!

Guilty Pleasure

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