Pet Memorials

Pets are part of our family, so when we lose them we would like to have a unique way to keep them in our hearts.  


The Pet Tribute Totems are a perfect way to do that.  You decide whether you would like to have a large or small totem, and then provide me with a favorite photo of your pet.  I will convert it to an abstract picture of your pet and include it into the colorful collage on the totem.  If you would like to send me your pet’s name tag, I will include that in the totem as well.  


The totem is an open backed wooden panel.  I include a cover for the back of the totem so you can include your pet’s cremations or any special keepsakes from your pet.  The totems can be set on a shelf or hung from the wall.  


Additionally, I donate a portion of the cost of the totem to one of two pet related charities (you choose) in your pet’s name.